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Our progressive security systems are detailed and carefully structured to give you the assurance that your needs will be met in the most efficient and cost effective manner at all times.

Our commitment to providing quality service to our clients requires technological tools that enhance the performance of our officers in their daily operations, as well as providing efficient management tools to our supervisors and your management staff.


Our company strives to customize each solution by utilizing unique customization methodologies for each project. GPS specializes in expert integration of people and systems and has adopted a culture of relentless dedication to improvement and excellence. Ongoing assessment and revisions, meticulous attention to detail, and innovative critique are some of the key measures GPS uses to create superb accountability, visibility, flexibility and service quality.

The success of every security company and its performance quality in each of its accounts is driven by its leadership’s ability to create a strong, highly satisfying environment for supervisors and employees’ development, and growth. GPS considers team development and enrichment programs the most prominent aspect of its operational success. GPS dedicates substantial resources to recruit, train and ensure strong supervisory and employee development, experience and multi-level expertise.

GPS’s management team and directors are all seasoned security and business professionals with decades of combined experience in planning, design, implementation and management of complex security operations, customer service, training and maintenance of top-level client relationships.

Our customized Incident Tracking Software reports an incident as it occurs in real time.
An Email of the incident is reported to the client immediately.
Weekly and Monthly security Incident Statistics are provided to client electronically.
We prepare an Emergency Preparedness Program customized to our client’s needs.

We continuously train our officers with the most current security techniques.
We maintain clear lines of communication between officers and management.
We conduct extensive pre-employment background checks, alcohol and drugs checks on our employees.


Our Executive Team are all seasoned security and business professionals with decades of combined experience in planning, design, implementation, and management of complex security operations.

Mr. Godson Asem is a highly experienced security veteran who has demonstrated the ability to lead a diverse team of professionals to new levels of success within the security industry. His mission is to grow the company to a successful nationwide operation in today’s highly competitive, cutting edge market, and fast past environment.

Mr. Asem possesses strong technical and business qualifications with an impressive track record of more than 15 years of hands-on experience in strategic planning, business development, martial art coaching/training, anti-terrorism activity, marketing, retail management, corporate investments and consulting.

Mr. Asem founded Global Protection Security with a targeted vision to provide each of its clients with uniquely specialized and customized security plans and services. Mr. Asem can successfully analyze clients’ security needs, identify deficiencies in the clients’ current security operations, recognize potential threats and opportunities, and develop innovative and cost-effective solutions for enhancing safety for clients. In doing so, the benefits include increased security visibility while improving customer service for his clients. As a former Taekwondo Instructor and Coach and a longtime resident of Denver, Colorado, Mr. Asem recognizes the need for a professionally managed security team that would extend and complement the resources of the local police department.

Ms. James has over 20 years of experience in Business Management and Development. She has a demonstrated history of global multi-industry expertise and highly skilled in Global Security Procedures, Security Training and Execution, Business Development, HR Policies, and Business Administration.

Ms. James excels at building and executing strategic roadmaps to support business objectives and growth, staff forecasting needs, risk mitigation, and staff development. She has been responsible for both onshore and offshore resource management and for implementing business continuity plans across multi-faceted organizations.

Ms. James’ mission is to enhance the safety and wellness of the staff members, ensure the integrity of the strength between clients and the staff, and strive to attract and retain elite, specialized security experts.

LaTonya Bailey acts as HR Director for Global Protection Security, bringing over 10 years of HR and recruiting experience to the team. Before joining Global Protection Security, LaTonya worked in the Oil and Gas industry.
LaTonya earned an M.B.A in Finance with an Advanced Certificate in Human Resources Management from Texas State College, and a B.S. in Economics / Business Management from University of Houston.

• Affordable Care Act
• Audit Preparations
• Benefits Administration
• Benefits Consultation
• COBRA Administration
• Compliance
• Employee Communications
• Employee Development
• Employee Engagement / Satisfaction Survey Development
• Employee Handbook Development
• Employee Relations
• Exit Interviews
• Federal and State Tax Registrations
• FMLA Administration
• HR Administration
• Human Resources Information Systems
• I-9 Compliance
• Healthcare

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